ESG Is Losing Ground, Sustainability Is The New ESG!

The term ESG has been weaponized against businesses that don’t share the typical woke and LGBTVQHD4K+ philosophy for the past few years.

However, since its peak in 2021, it has drastically lost its ground. Anyone who did their research could easily see through the smoke they were creating to blind ordinary people.

Nowadays, they are moving away from that and weaponizing another term “Sustainability”. It’s basically the same thing rebranded as another new “Eco-friendly” term.

Millennial and Gen Z investors said enough toThe Bull$#!t of ESG

Findings of a nationwide survey of 993 investors on their views of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities among the companies in their investment portfolio.

The survey shows a significant drop in support for ESG over the past year, especially among young and middle-aged investors.

Source: 2023 Survey Of Investors, Retirement Savings, And ESG | Hoover Institution 2023 Survey Of Investors, Retirement Savings, And ESG

They Lost Investors Trust !!!

ESG data is complex, multifaceted, and subject to interpretation. Investors find it challenging to fully understand and interpret the methodologies, assumptions, and limitations associated with third-party ESG ratings. This complexity leads investors to question the reliability and accuracy of these ratings.

Over 50% Drop in ESG Investments in the US 

Source: GSIA-Report-2022

The GSIA assessment showed ESG investments in the U.S. went from $17 trillion in 2020 to $8.4 trillion in 2022, a drop of over 50%. 

The absolute value of reported investments in sustainable ESG assets, which address social justice, climate change, biodiversity, and environment loss, fell from $35.3 trillion in 2020 to $30.3 trillion in 2022, a 14% decrease.

No wonder they are trying to switch focus on the new culprit labeled as sustainability.

BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink at the WEF forum Meeting says, “You have to FORCE behaviors, at BlackRock we are FORCING behaviors” Which sounds like a hostile situation and an open threat to the free economy and capitalism.

Banks Are Asking Investors to Look Past a Dreaded ESG Metric. Less than 7% of investments qualify as “sustainable.”

Source: Bloomberg-Banks Are Asking Investors to Look Past a Dreaded ESG Metric

Source: Exxon Sues to Prevent Climate Proposal From Getting a Shareholder Vote

If this BS & woke agenda keeps on going like this. It’s only a matter of time before it takes us to the very bottom. Strong leadership and individual accountability are the only way to stop this from happening. 

If not, this won’t take much longer to become reality:

Key Takeaways

  • ESG and sustainability are being used as a weapon against a free-market economy.
  • People had enough of the BS with ESG investments.
  • $5+ Trillion lost in woke ESG Investment.
  • Keep your eyes open for the new “Sustainability” terms.
Mohaiminul Sharif